Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dr Emmet Brown costume

Its been a while since i uploaded stuff, had a very horribly slow summer.
But i did get to make a hover board!! :D

For a friends birthday, he wanted everyone to dress up as a hero, and my "better half" wanted to go as Emmet "Doc" Brown from Back to the Future 2, but sadly he has very few art skills, so the task was left to me.

This is the hover board

 Had to pull the grip tape off a skateboard first, this hurt!
 Tape to guide where the paint needs to go

  The begining of the hover pads.
The finished paint marks.

I then had to dye a shirt red and paint white kanji on it. I used fabric paint for this part. (I didnt get any pics while we were dying the shirt, I forgot :S  )

 Before painting, the red didnt take too well becuase of the polyester in the fabric.

Heres the finished costume:
Thats with teh birthday boy, dressed as thor.

I also made a see through vinyl tie that you can see in this picture, and its a full tie that has to be tied properly, no elastic or clips were used :P

So that was my fun for a few days.

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